Do you have a minimum time commitment?

Farmview Homes has a minimum commitment of 2 weeks. However, most clients plan to stay for 4-6 months, with some staying to around a year of sobriety or more.

Am I allowed to have my car?

Yes. All clients are allowed to have their vehicles upon move in. We ask that clients only have one vehicle at the house.

Am I allowed to have my cell phone?

Yes. All clients are allowed to have their cellphones. We ask that clients have smart phones in order to use our client phone application.

Do you drug test?

We drug test and breathalyze every client at a minimum of once a week.

Admission requirements - 30 days

Clients must have a completely clean urinalysis. Clients must complete a pre-screen application either electronically or over the phone. Farmview Homes has a minimum sober time policy of 30 days. Exceptions may be made for potential clients with previous recovery, treatment, or sober living experience.

Security Deposit Policy

Our security deposit is refundable, if upon move-in, the client notifies Farmview Homes in writing of their move out date with a two week notice.

OneStep app

We use OneStep software and mobile application to help maintain our residents accountability. Clients will use the app to log meeting attendance, check in for curfew, and track their recovery days.

When to call Farmview Homes about your loved one or family member.

  • When there is a major life event, like a death in the family.

  • If there is an issue with your payment processing.

  • If you have a concern about the wellbeing of your loved one and haven’t been able to get in contact with them.

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