Sober Living vs. Halfway House vs. Recovery Residence

Sober living as defined above, has long been conflated with halfway housing. Halfway housing is generally defined as transitional housing for persons who have been incarcerated, or experiencing a prolonged absence from society, and persons who may or may not struggle with substance use disorder. As outlined in the standards of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences, our homes adhere to the social model of housing. Social model housing is predicated on the unparalleled therapeutic value of one addict helping another. Farmview Homes offers clean and tidy living spaces, structured and consistently enforced rules, and personal accountability for our residents. This is a perfect environment for the social model to flourish: friendships, interpersonal accountability, and recovery happen in houses that are well-run. Our social model housing is non-clinical, does not provide any formally administered counseling or therapy, and provides no medical treatment of any kind.